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Corporate Responsibility

Part of being a great company is being a responsible corporate citizen. At Project Overlord, we use the term “sustainability” to describe our short and long-term approach to balancing our business priorities with our social, economic and global responsibilities. These efforts align with and support the company’s higher purpose of saving a persons' or company’s property from the pain and aggravation of dealing with loss. Corporate responsibility also starts with a belief that what you do is important to society. This belief is at the heart of our company. Over the course of history, the technology industry has played a unique and positive role in driving our economy and creating the bonds that connect customers to people, ideas and opportunities.


A company is much more than the products and services it sells; the effect a company has on the people, communities and world around it goes to the very core of the way that company conducts business. As such, Project Overlord’s actions will affect everyone our business touches – our shareholders, our distributers, our customers and certainly our employees.


Be Incredible…and drive the future!

Terrence Gaskin

Founder & Chairman

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