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An accomplished professional in the field of Information Technology with over 20 years of industry experience in both government and corporate sectors. Well versed in driving technical, infrastructure and architecture solutions to support multiple business capabilities in large organizations. An advocate for literacy with deep passion for how technology enables access to quality education for students in under-served schools and communities world wide. Led the project implementation of the first fully functional public library with broadband internet connection for a community in west Oromia, Ethiopia. Currently leading a globaly coordinated initiative to bring 1 Million books to communities, libraries and schools in Oromia, Ethiopia by 2020.


Jote brings his experience as an Advisory Board member to help advise on Project Overlord's Data Strategy and help with our technology partners on the implementation of Project Overlord's data driven innovations in the form of our proof-of-concepts (POC) by helping to Project Overlord to form agile and cross-functional teams. His experience is in Analytics, Big Data, POC Design and Implementation, Creating Company Opportunities into Value Streams, Influencing Technology Strategy, and Providing Leadership to a Business's Intelligence Team.


Jote Taddese is one of the top 10 experts in the world in Big Data, Analytics and IOT Enterprise Product Development

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